Our Service

Very soon we will help you bring your ideas to life by creating you a website suited to your needs.

For your website, we will be using a theme of your choice from wordpress.com (This is where your website will be hosted), we will add information that you provide us with, and you can have a domain name as well – you can choose from .co.uk , .uk and .com

We will update this page when we are able to start providing this service

Future Price List –

  • Design – See below

  • WordPress Theme – Vary from £31 to £106 for premium themes (Free themes are available)

  • Domain Name Cost – Can vary in cost, roughly starts from £8.49 for a .co.uk domain for 1 year

  • Hourly Cost – £25-£30

  • Hosting Cost – £8.50 a month

  • Content Updating Cost – £5 a month

  • Images – No cost if you supply us with them. We can supply them at a very small cost.

  • You’ll get your very own login details to update content as and when you want too or we can do the work for you.

  • You’ll also be supplied with an email address with your domain name.

  • (Please note, we are not VAT registered so prices shown are fixed)